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Finding Green   

NorthSide, Winter 2024


When NORTHSIDE invited me to craft an installation for their window in December, I found inspiration in the café's urban botanical oasis. “Finding Green” infuses these grey days with a burst of vivid colour, reimagining falling snowflakes as a cascade of flowers.



Beyond Classrooms

Grade 4/5, Fall 2023


A collaborative chalk mural with grade 4/5 students at Kingston's Pump House museum.

 Flora & Fauna  is a public art project by Marney McDiarmid and Grace MacDonald. The work features large-scale drawings of plants and animals on windows in their community.  "At a time when people were largely confined to their homes and the usual joys of spring were largely inaccessible,” explains McDiarmid, “we found a way to inject some of the feel of renewal into surprising places.” They drew spring flowers and images of a much-loved local family of foxes on the windows of a nearby cafe and the plant and animal life of nearby parks and city streets.


The project culminated with drawings of endemic Hawaiian plants and birds on the windows of long-term care facilities in the city, a way of taking their fantastical art to people whose lives have been severely curtailed by the pandemic.


This most recent work was inspired by McDiarmid's Ontario Arts Council grant that enabled her to study these plants in Hawaii in March of 2020.

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