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“This is for you” is a token of gratitude. Over the next year, I will make ceramic flowers out of reclaimed clay and install them in urban spaces that beg for a bit of care. The pieces will be free for the taking. It gives me pleasure to imagine derelict landscapes momentarily bedazzled and passersby's responses as they realize they have stumbled upon a small gift. 


During the pandemic, we saw a wave of art-making fueled by compassion, kindness, and a longing for connection and joy. “I hope we hold on to this,” we said to ourselves. 


“This is for you” is my attempt to do so. 



Are you here because you found one of my pieces? If you are moved to do so, send me a photo ( of where it is living now. 

“Let us pile up our thanks like a heap of flowers on a blanket. We will each take a corner and toss it high into the sky. And so our thanks should be as rich as the gifts of the world that shower down upon us.”

                                  -Elder Tom Porter

                                    in Braiding Sweetgrass,

                                    by Robin Wall Kimmerer

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